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The New Style of IT brings movies to a theater near you

Nadhan on ‎01-19-2014 06:20 AM

When I go to the movies, I walk in, settle down into world of imagination and walk back out into reality. Annual events like the Sundance Film Festival provide us an opportunity to obtain insight into what it takes to bring movies to a theater near you. At the Sundance House (presented by HP), you’ll see how the New Style of IT weaves a connective fabric of technologies that seamlessly take a movie from the production house to the consumer. Today, technology makes the unimaginable real. Join me in this walkthrough of how these technologies make movies real in each phase of this transformation journey.


Sundance House Day 2014.jpg

1. Creation. A typical animated movie has 130K individual frames with 12 different departments working on it — going through 10 to 100 iterations in each department — totaling up to 3 billion iterations for a single film. This phase is enabled by technology from HP, including workstations, DreamColor display technology, converged cloud computing power and converged infrastructure. For a more in-depth view, checkout Jeffrey Katzenberg’s keynote at HP Discover.

 HP Sundance Photo 2.jpg

2. Management: Digital filmmaking embodies the challenges of Big Data — one animated feature  can generate as many as 500 million files. Derek Chan from DWA says, “HP helps us [keep all the data in sync] by providing the underlying technology that allows us to share information between the sites, so that we can actually keep production going around the clock.” HP secure solutions in film storage, in sharing content, and archiving to digital libraries make filmmakers relevant in the 21st century. Checkout how 20th Century Fox delivers Enterprise IT at the pace of business in the 21st Century.


3. Comprehension: In the movie, What women want? Mel Gibson’s character gains insight when he gets magical powers to see through the mind of the fairer sex. Similarly, filmmakers and studios need to go social to understand what their customers want. They need to employ innovative solutions like those from HP Vertica and HP Autonomy with a healthy blend of art and science to identify shifting audience tastes and trends.


4. Distribution: Once a movie is produced, its secure, timely distribution around the globe is vital to its success. Mark Burton from DeLuxe Digital explains “Marrying Deluxe's expertise in distribution with HP's technical capabilities resulted in the Deluxe Connect product, which sends feature films over IP to theaters around the world; streamlining the delivery process and leading to unprecedented cost savings.


5. Innovation: Technology must always be complemented by domain-specific innovation that requires a collaborative platform such as the annual Sundance Film Festival for original, independent films. Checkout what Dave Ginsberg, CTO of the Sundance Institute has to say about HP’s role in enabling the technology backbone for this festival.

 HP Sundance Photo 3.jpg

Enterprises providing solutions across the movie life cycle must continue to stay relevant by working with the right partners.


While tossing in the next batch of popcorn, you can enjoy the interactive experiences at the Sundance House, leave a voice message, and have Dustin Grella animate them.


Remember, I really enjoy watching movies – even animated ones.


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.



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