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The world of unstructured data at your fingertips

Nadhan on ‎06-25-2013 03:53 PM

My spouse, a child-care worker, is always fascinated by how a tiny tot can mold clay into any action figure they choose. I’m fascinated by our sophomore in college as he proudly shows off a miniature replica of an architectural marvel he produced, using 3D printing technologies. What's interesting here is that it takes complex modeling software and innovative 3D printing techniques for machines to do what little children can do using their bare hands. It’s time we turned the tables on computers. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to mold graphical images in three dimensions to get the results we want — just like molding clay? Well, look no further and leap to this device from Leap Motion.


It’s been more than a decade since Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Minority Report scrolls through video evidence of a crime, using nothing but gesture control. After watching this movie, Michael Buckwald, who is now the CEO at Leap Motion, always wanted to make real what was purely a figment of the director’s imagination back then. The Leap Motion Controller tracks — with extra-ordinary precision — the multi-dimensional movements of our fingertips, translating them instantly into actions on a graphics display.


Tools such as HP Autonomy have trained computers to process unstructured data with great ease so we’re not confined to a structured world of rows and columns. Buchwald’s frustration with the two-dimensional worksheets may very well have been one of the key motivations behind the Leap Motion Controller. This technology is yet another addition to the growing ecosystem of innovative solutions that facilitate the creation, association, presentation and analysis of unstructured data:


1. Association. HP Autonomy’s Aurasma is an interactive, visual browsing platform that empowering mobile devices to recognize real world objects by seamlessly overlaying images with multimedia content.


2. Presentation. 3D Mobile Technology from HP Labs introduces a multi-directional, diffractive backlight technology to render high-resolution, full-parallax 3D images in a very wide view zone (up to 180 degrees in principle) at an observation distance of up to a meter.


3. Analysis. See how movie studios can use HP’s Autonomy platform to apply sentiment analysis techniques to identify breaking trends and predict the uptake of a film’s launch cycle.


All the solutions listed above meet my niece, Kavita’s characterization of Innovation: “Creativity applied with passion to disrupt our quality of life for the better.


So, I come across this article on Leap Motion in the American Way magazine on my way back from HP Discover. Perhaps we are headed to a world where I can seamlessly turn an image of Spiderman, using Aurasma, into a 3D video. Then display the video on my mobile device, using 3D Mobile Technology. Then I can mold into the shape and form of my choice, using Leap Motion Controller?


But for now, I simply fastened my seat belt and enjoyed the flight.


How about you? Are there innovative applications you can think of using these solutions? Please let me know.


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