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To be or not to be your own device at HP Discover

Nadhan on ‎05-06-2014 10:44 AM

Marc Wilkinson, HP Chief Technologist, Mobility & Workplace, suggests a different acronym for the Bring Your Own ecosystem. Asking if the “Bring Your Own” paradigm is unraveling, Wilkinson suggests that it is a “Bring Your Own Stuff” world. All these devices – fueled by the world of wearables – is, at the end of the day – defining the persona of the individuals concerned. Just like Software is the new Brand that defines the Digital Customer Experience, the “stuff” that Wilkinson refers to defines the individual. Thus, it is more about “Being” rather than “Bringing” your own device – a message that clearly comes across when I review the HP Discover sessions on the Mobility Track. Join me as I consider “Being My Own Device” at HP Discover.

 Mobility Security.jpg

Alberto Torres - Senior Vice President, HP Mobility, describes why Mobility is more than a technology (#TK3369). It is how business gets done!


The mobile experience is a defining aspect of the landscape of modernized applications. In this Track Keynote 3370, Robert Youngjohns – HP Senior VP and GM, shows you how you can chart a successful course through the new world of applications where quality, performance, and velocity drive business success. DT3804 complements this keynote, walking through how to build great mobile applications.


Mobility is not just impacting the apps, it is the overall workplace environment at large. TK3679 details the profound transformation of the mobile workforce “being” here, there and everywhere. DT3809 shows how Google Glass can be used to innovate real-life environments, including the workplace. In IT4649 - The Internet of Things and wearables, Sridhar Solur , HP Director of Next Gen Computing, will take us through the next big thing of embedding sensors, actuators and traditional, low-power Systems on Chips (SoCs) into physical objects to link them to the digital world. IT4649 is definitely a session that is likely to influence my own presentation on DT3503 - Impact of IoT on IT.


User Experience has always mattered, especially when it comes to Mobility. DT3808 highlights the intelligent edge for superior mobile experiences – because your mobility initiative will ultimately be judged by the user experience you deliver, not by the availability of connections.


IT4681 brings home Wilkinson’s point about bringing your own stuff, showing how enterprises can tap into the technology trends that drive business innovation. Shane Wall, HP Chief Technology Officer, Printing and Personal Systems, describes how the very trends we see around us can be effectively channeled into jetpacks for innovating tomorrow’s business. Ready to jump on board the Starship Enterprise? IT4687 paints a futuristic view of Mobility and how it can innovatively transform the world around us.


As I plan my schedule to include all these sessions, I am being my own device dressed up for the conference hosted by a leader in the Mobility industry.


How about you? Your experience attending the conference will depend on the device you’re going to be.


To be or not to be your own device? That is the question!


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


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Track Keynotes

TK3370 - Chart a successful course through the new world of applications where quality, performance, and velocity drive business success

TK3679 - How mobility is transforming the workplace.

TK3369 - What enterprise mobility means to you: How HP views this conundrum



Discover Theater Sessions

DT3804 - How to build great mobile apps

DT3809 - Making wearables work in the enterprise

DT3808 - The intelligent edge for superior mobile experiences


Innovation Theater Sessions

IT4681 - Let trends be your jetpacks: innovating for tomorrow’s business

IT4687 - Star Trek or Skynet? The Future According to HP Labs

IT4649 - The Internet of Things and wearables: driving the next phase of personal computing  






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