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Top 5 tips for Enterprises to use their most valuable resources

Nadhan on ‎06-06-2013 11:28 AM

HP CEO Meg Whitman shares her top five tips for CEOs in this article in Forbes that help the CEO of this global enterprise spend her most valuable resource — time — in an effective manner. Upon a closer look, I realize that these tips could also apply to individuals who are not CEOs (take me for instance). More important, they could be extended to the very enterprises that CEOs lead – following a New Style of IT that Whitman outlined at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt. Let’s see how.

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1.       Concentrate on your strengths. Enterprises must focus on their core competencies while growing the skill sets of their employees to maximize their return on individuals. For example, have you considered fostering Data Scientists (who have the sexiest job in the 21st century in the world of Big Data)? How about selective outsourcing of what is not core to the enterprise?


2.       Recalibrate your priorities weekly. As Forrester analyst Phil Murphy explains, enterprises must rationalize applications by focusing on business functions that matter. And they must do this periodically to recalibrate their applications transformation strategy to be in line with business priorities.


3.       Walk away from gridlock. Ubiquitous Cloud services are available to enterprise business leaders. Enterprise IT has to combat its consumerization through co-opetition rather than competition. Doing so requires CIOs to act as moderators in resolving conflicts, while enforcing the consistent enablement of business functions across the extended enterprise. Enterprises must ensure that there are appropriate guidelines and governance in place for timely resolution of gridlock with minimal maintenance.


4.       Next! Whitman talks about her need to get ready for the next meeting, driving her to control the time spent on the current meeting. When it comes to enterprises, they must always look ahead to take the right steps to innovate the planet by 2020, while focusing on emerging technologies —  whether it be 3D video, Being Your Own Device (BYOD), wearable devices, and flexible displays. What’s Next! in your enterprise?


5.       Measure the right things. ROI matters — especially because it has varied dimensions, such as information, infrastructure, innovation, and individuals. For enterprises to know if they are getting their return on any of these dimensions, it is vital that they have the right mechanisms in place to track the ROI. As Forbes blogger Joe McKendrick explains Cloud Computing ROI can be increasingly elusive. Are CIOs really in a position to track the ROI on Cloud Computing? As Whitman says, it is important to measure the right things for the right reasons.


These tips apply not just to individuals, but to enterprises as a whole. Enterprises must innovate and grow their core competencies, using the next generation of technologies. They must do so with a cooperative mindset, while continuously refining their focus areas to maximize their ROI.


How about you? What steps are being taken by your enterprise to maximize the use of its most valuable resources? Have you considered these time management tips from Whitman? Please let me know.


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