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We built it. They came. We listened.

‎07-02-2014 11:19 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:05 AM

By Lindsay Ashworth



At HP Discover in Las Vegas last month, Meg Whitman and Martin Fink announced The Machine – the next generation in the computing continuum, capable of handling “unfathomable and unmanageable amounts of data” at power and prices the world can afford. A triple-bottom-line, win-win-win for clients, HP and the environment.


The Machine – one of many announcements at HP Discover – demonstrated the underlying theme of HP listening deeply to the needs of our clients and innovating, creating solutions that are changing the industry.


Conversation wall.jpgThe HP ENVISION Conversation Wall was an example of live listening in action. Located in the HP Enterprise Services space, the HP ENVISION team spent three days actively listening to CIOs and Industry leaders, understanding and capturing – through pictures and words – the challenges and opportunities facing their businesses.


Design-thinking principles, a method the HP ENVISION practice uses in their summits with HP’s most important clients, helps create an open and richer dialogue that informs how clients and HP can partner to identify the right innovation and transformation challenges, focusing efforts on the right solutions.


Adrian Peryer, HP ENVISION’s global practice leader explains the process: “Asking a client to share their perspective involves listening. Capturing what they say in words and pictures clarifies and creates a record. At HP Discover this was available for others to see, stimulating connections and further augmentation. Whether we do this with leadership teams in individual client summits, or at HP Discover, we want to honor clients by recognizing and recording their point of view. It’s also highly rewarding to co-create with them, to share HP’s point of view, and together build a better shared understanding. That is visualization and strategic design thinking at its best.”


Closeup.jpgAs clients approached the wall they were asked to share their story about the journey to the New Style of IT. Without hesitation, most provided insights, and often deep disclosures, about their opportunities and challenges.


“What was most interesting,” Melissa Walden, the HP ENVISION Americas practice leader said, “was how clients would come back again throughout the day to see what others had written and review and agreed with what was up on the wall.”


It became clear, as the collaborative story emerged, that no matter how far apart these clients are in terms of industry or location, they are experiencing very similar obstacles and moving with similar aims.


“Our clients are telling us that they have the same fundamental requirements,” Peryer said. “Although their journey and strategic drivers differ, they all want the problems of the old world to go away – which is why the journey to the New Style of IT promises so much.”


And with innovations such as The Machine, HP is addressing some of today’s largest challenges, making it more important than ever to engage in deep discussions like those at the Conversation Wall at HP Discover.


“If we listen to our clients and better understand their needs, we will keep our promise of making it matter for our customers, enhance their experience in engaging HP, and continue to grow and change the market,” Peryer said.

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