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What do cricket, marketing and insurance have in common? The Business Value Exchange

‎08-18-2014 11:14 AM - edited ‎09-30-2015 07:06 AM

Did you know, in the quicksilver world of Enterprise IT, recruiting top talent can be arduous? Perhaps you should take a lesson from Olympic Cricket. Does funding marketing plans feel a lot like gambling? Maybe you could learn how to smart market. Finally, do you fully understand how technology is disrupting the Insurance Market? Listen to an expert explain why. All that and more is included on the August edition of the Business Value Exchange. Check out the summaries below for more information.
The War For Talent: What Olympic Cricket Can Teach Us
“After more than 20 years spent in the UK, I am ashamed to say I don’t know anything about cricket. Except that … France holds the one-and-only Olympic silver medal for cricket in history. Cricket was an Olympic discipline once, in 1900, during the Paris games. And there were just two teams batting for gold, which Great Britain won. So France settled for silver.
As sports trivia goes, so far, so good,” says British Computer Society Fellow, Vincent Rousselet. But what does cricket have to do with IT skills and recruitment? Find out.
What is smart marketing? (And are you doing it?)
“Marketing has been fumbling in the dark for long enough. Smart marketing means creating genuinely useful content and using data to close the loop between marketing and revenue.
Marketing has long been simply stabbing in the dark. Make some ads, buy some media space, get some pay-per-click advertising and cross your fingers. It was all about telling your customers what you wanted them to hear and hoping for the best. But this is impossible to measure and it doesn’t fit with the way people purchase online. Customers no longer wait for companies to tell them what they should know; they’re self-educating, seeking out the information themselves online before buying.
So what do you do? Be smart: be the help they’re looking for,” says Matthew Stibbe.
Learn more about ‘smart marketing’ and techniques to generate high quality leads.
How IT Is Changing the Insurance Market
Heydon Hall, CIO at Regent Insurance, reflects on how technology is disrupting the insurance market and what major trends are driving this disruption. Take a look at the latest in the HP Business Value Exchange Digital Leadership Interview Series.

About the Business Value Exchange
The Business Value Exchange is an editorial website that focuses on presenting different perspectives on challenges faced by senior business and IT leaders, to help them drive more successful business outcomes. Specifically, the site aims to foster discussion and idea exchange around the topics of how IT enables business initiatives like Employee Empowerment, Customer Experience, Citizens Engagement, Business Innovation and Mergers & Acquisitions. The site is produced by editorial professionals at IDG, in collaboration with HP Enterprise Services.

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