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What were you really thinking about HP DISCOVER?

Nadhan on ‎06-18-2014 11:04 AM

When you walk into the Discover Zone, you are awestruck by the diverse perspectives at simultaneous play – big signs for New Style of IT paradigms such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Security; various partners and vendors; multiple Discover Theater sessions going on in parallel. You pause and wonder, “What is going through the minds of about 10,000 people attending the conference? What are the other 9,999 attendees thinking? Is there is a way to get a sneak preview into the collective mindset -- on a continuous basis?” Say hello to the Social Media Command Center at HP Discover.


Martin Cuellar, Director, HP Autonomy at the Social Media Command Center, was right outside the Discover Zone when he walked me through the various monitors, and the type of information displayed. Cuellar explained that this out-of-the-box solution has been used to collect the overall sentiment at other conferences, such as Mobile World Congress, Sundance Festival, Tottenhaum Hotspur, and Byron Nelson Championship.


The HP ExploreCloud solution, enabled by Autonomy, listens for everything across social media channels – including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, and news – which mentions key phrases, such as “HP Discover,” specific profiles, such as “Meg Whitman,” and business units of interest.


The data collected is processed across multiple phases:

  1. Parameterization. Metadata is associated with the data collected (depending upon the source type).
  2. Normalization. Data is represented in a common structure.
  3. Enrichment. Data is enriched from various perspectives (e.g. regional language variations, green vs red sentiment trends, male vs female perspectives as well as geography)
  4. Conceptualization. Content is parsed to educe concepts, which are based upon mathematical patterns of occurrences.

Over 2.5 days, Cuellar explained this solution will have processed about 21,000 documents received in less than a minute of each document being detected. Talk about instantaneous view into the collective sentiment at this conference! Sentiment is expressed across the monitors using green (positive), red (negative) and grey (neutral) colors driven by analysis of the data collected since midnight.


The information displayed across the monitors can be categorized as follows:


"Educed" concepts that are being discussed.

Buzz at HP Discover








Conversation Geography. Colored pin drops from where the post actually happened across the convention floor.

Conversation Geography within Discover Zone









Discover. Concepts in word cloud format. Sentiment based Conversation Trend.

Discover Concepts Word Cloud















Influence. Sentiment aboutLas Vegas. Sentiment about HP Discover. Top Tweeters.

Influence at HP Discover








Live Monitor. Recent images and relevant links scored and ranked for importance.

Live Monitor at HP Discover





Momentum. Total Volume. A count of the day represented by a blue-line chart to the right.

Momentum at HP Discover







Leaderboard. Targeted at the industry bloggers invited to the conference.

Leaderboard in the Social Media Lounge










After Cuellar’s description, I am much more intelligent about interpreting the information displayed (in addition to learning the meaning of the word educed).


As I walked back into the Discover Zone, I looked around the conference floor and thought to myself: “I may not know every attendee, but I sure have a much deeper insight into the general mindset of the attendees.


Thank you, Social Media Command Center.


Team up with HP Technology Expert, E.G.Nadhan


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.





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