Bring back ITRC !!!!!

eric lipede_1
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Bring back ITRC !!!!!

Ok, so Im not the only one who now thinks that the post-itrc mess that is this is way too cumbersome and bloated. Its trying to be all things to all men/ women and all other post gender types.


Has nobody making these decisions not twigged that HP support and access to info was a real plus when deciding on what direction to take when buying kit etc....with the Oracle issues etc ... this is NOT an improvement.


Neither is this a "I liked it the way it was before " rant.


We have moved from a great online, easily accessible forum to a bloated pretty useless, slow, confusing to use mass of wanting-to-be-too-sexy-and-slick-for-itself website.


Come on ! .....



Is there anyone out there who would like to see the return of what actually worked ?

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Re: Bring back ITRC !!!!!

I would love that, however, it seems HP is determined to shove this Lithium crap down our throats. And they seem tone deaf to the complaints, any real complaints are just ignored.



Pete Randall
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Re: Bring back ITRC !!!!!

Unfortunately, it seems that HP, after preaching to us for years about the right way to run our IT business, did not take into account that there might be enough value in the old ITRC system to bother taking a backup.  It's gone, dead, buried and un-mourned (by HP, that is) and there is no way to get it back.