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4502s freeze when booting up

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4502s freeze when booting up

Hi All,

my laptop freezes when first turning on. microsoft image appears in centre of screen and I am welcomed by the microsoft chime, and date is displayed with a new screen font (seemingly selected by microsoft). I cannot go past this stage, as soon as I click mouse or press a key, the screen freezes.

I have tried 'esc' key and have done all the memory tests and all seems ok (passed). However, I still cannot get past this screen.

unfortunately I do not have my password and i never made use of the finger scanner and so cant reset (and save my data) ... can only reset to original factory settings.

Any suggestions?




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Re: 4520s freeze when booting up

Hi All

weirdest thing just happened. I was holding laptop on its side to listen to hear if the hard drive was turning, and lo and behold HP screen saver came on with the small circular dot spiralling effect and then went through to home screen and is working!?

could it be the drive motor is 'tired' and by holding laptop on its side it gave motor a kick start?





Dennis Handly
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Re: 4502s freeze when booting up

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: