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After Bios update - so many issues

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After Bios update - so many issues


This is my first time on a forum and I have no idea what "location" to select for this type of issue.  I will try to make this short and simple.  There were a bunch of updates from HP, one of which was a Bios update.  A bunch of others had issues updating.  Ever since then, my wifi keeps dropping, when my service and all other devices are fine.  I try to restart and it hangs there for hours, so I have to hold the power button to shut it off and turn it back on.  When I close my notebook, it will not go to sleep, hibernate or anything I set it to.  Insteat it shuts the screen off, hard drive sounds as if it is still running and the computer heats up and power button light stays on.  Again, I have to hold the power button do shut it off.  I have a Windows 10 HP 14 Pavillion.  Is anyone else having the same issues?  Any suggestions to anyone who may have resolved them?

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Re: After Bios update - so many issues

Hi Monique,

You have reached the wrong company forum. As it is regarding a HP Laptop so you'll have to register and post your question in the HP Consumer Support Forum.

Here is the link: HP Notebook Support Forum

Note: Have your Product number handy as experts there will need it to help you further.

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