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Benefits of the Fortify Foundations online training

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Benefits of the Fortify Foundations online training

Learn to use Fortify more successfully to prevent breaches before they happen. With proper usage of Fortify, businesses have essentially eradiated issues from their applications.

“We’ve just had, perhaps, the biggest ransomware attack in history take place and it might not be over yet. By now, you’ve most likely heard of “WannaCry.” Here is Fortify application security’s take on it.”

Fortify helps companies uncover vulnerabilities in their application code, fix defects quickly and effectively, and produce software that is impervious to attacks wherever they operate.ff-image3.png

With all this capability it is important to learn how to leverage Fortify’s technology. Our Fortify Foundations course is a good place to start. It will help you get the most out of your Static Code Analysis. Whether you are new to Fortify or been working with the product without formal training you will benefit from our digital/online learning in many ways, including how to:

  • Recognize the basic concepts of application security
  • Execute a variety of attacks against a web application to test vulnerabilities
  • Describe the role of Threat Models and Risk Assessments in achieving application security
  • Choose how to integrate typical security activities into a default secure SDLC
  • Identify the required preconditions to scan and audit your code
  • Navigate through the Audit Workbench (AWB) scan results using filters, searches, and recommendations
  • Read, assess, and fix issues using the Analysis Trace
  • Apply the appropriate data validation method to remediate given issues
  • Integrate the Software Security Center (SSC) to download, upload, remediate, and manage your scans
  • Create reports from the SSC and AWB

ssc.pngSSC scan results interface

awb.pngAWB scan results interface

 Attend Protect 2017 and get a discount on Fortify training (and 24 CPE credits!)

Our largest security event of the year takes place September 11-13 in Washington, D.C. I encourage you to attend Protect to develop your career as a security expert and enable your organization to deliver security at the speed of innovation. Demos. Workshops. Meetings with HPE security experts. CPE credits. Sessions. Roadmaps. Networking. You’ll get it all at Protect 2017!

If you would like to receive CPE credits and receive the Fortify Foundations course at the conference rate, enroll for the conference and Fortify Foundations course here

Additional training through our Security University

For a full listing of available courses please download the security training plan guide. You can also view the scheduled Fortify and other security classes here. Get smart in Fortify by taking Fortify Foundations, just one of the many great courses available.