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Chinese Manufacture, South versus North

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Chinese Manufacture, South versus North

I do not want to relive my terrible experiences with my last HP business printer. The problem surely is that it was made in China. Actually 'Made in China' usually refers to contract manufacture such as by the notorious Foxconn factory in South China. South China is cheap-and-cheerful Hong Kong. Made in China usually means Made in Hong Kong. So surely you see the root of my problem with the printer.


Well, there is a solution. The solution iis to manufacture in North China (Harbin) not in South China (Hong Kong). The company to approach is Norinco, the North China Industrial Corporation. I remember well a lovely HP printer I once owned which was a fetching Wedgewood Blue  colour and never went wrong. Eventually, although in perfect order, it succumbed to Windows built-in-obsolescence, sadly. Please, Hewlett Packard, give over chasing the evanescent bottom of the market and get back to being a quality name.

Dennis Handly
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Re: Chinese Manufacture, South versus North

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: