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DataProtector VEPA (backup job removing disk from vcenter)

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DataProtector VEPA (backup job removing disk from vcenter)

Hello people,
I need help with DataProtector with integration with VMWARE (VEPA)

I'm using DataProtector 8.00, a ESXi 5.5 cluster with 2 physical servers and 3Par datastore with FC disks.

I was studying a way to improve the performance of VM backups because backups were failing very often, leaving large snaphots and consequently degrading overall system performance, etc.  Then I found some interesting recommendations in this article:

So, I followed the instructions in the article to use CBT., removed all snapshots from the virtual machines and enabled via PowerCLI the CBT on all virtual machines (I used theise PowerCLI scripts/commands to make the changes without turning off the machines: Then I also configured the DataProtector to activate the CBT (from HP article instructions)

But after activating CBT,  some jobs the DataProtector are 'removing' Disk 0 from VCenter, causing a reboot of VCenter. In the .vmx file, the disk configuration "scsi0: 0.present" is equal to "FALSE".  I shutdown vcenter, change back to TRUE, and everything goes back to normal, until the next backup job removes the disk again.

This happens after some backup jobs create the snapshot of the virtual machines and start copying the data ... But it does not happen with all jobs , but all jobs are configured in the same way with the use of CBT and are triggered using the same DataProtector and using the same VCenter as backup agent.

In the face of these problems, I decided to remove all the CBT settingsin DataProtector and VM's (to disable the CTB in the VMs I used same  the PowerCLI scripts/commands from:

Finally, I do not currently have any VMs with CBT enabled (confirmed via PowerCLI script from Veeam article), no DataProtector backup job is over with CTB enabled (all are with Snapshot Handlin=Disable and Enable changed block tracking disabled) and even then the problem with Vcenter losing disk persists.

I do not know where else to look for the error and I have been working with a problem to backup multiple virtual machines since last week ..

 I've already tried changing the Vcenter from the physical host, but it did not resolve the issue. I think it is related to the use of CBT this problem happened to occur when I started to use it, but already already disabled the problem still persists ...

Thanks any help and sorry for any mistakes. (english is not my native language and I'm using google translator)

Dennis Handly
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Re: MF DataProtector VEPA (backup job removing disk from vcenter)

This is the wrong company for MF software questions. You need to register in the MF Software Forum: