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Defect Laptop and Support wich close my unsolved case

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Defect Laptop and Support wich close my unsolved case


I am here on the Philippines for a longer Project. I have here for my Work a Spectre X360 15-BL031ng. This Laptop has since a few Wekks Display Problems. 

I have found out, that this Problems are not only my Laptop, many others have the same problems.

I contact HP via Chat, get a Case No. The Support call me, he say, I get a Call back in 2h, no Call, next day I got the Call. We talk again about this problem, the Woman say, I call you back in 2h, no Call. I got a Mail next day.

They ask me it is possible for me to go to HP in Manila, sure, 1h10Minutes flight.... And this for 2 Ways, without the warranty, that the Laptop can be repaired.

Ok, next....

I found out by myself that here in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, a ASP exist. I go their, let the laptop there for Check. The Company sent the Pictures from Inside the Laptop to HP. The Answer from HP: we try to get the Mainboard here in the Philippines.

The Mainboard Type: 911083-601 / SPS_MB DSC 940MX 2GB i7_7500U WIN

The ASP dont get any answer from HP until today, but 2 days ago, HP close my Case. Close, wirthout a initiated Order for the MB. So, what is this please?

I have a 2 year international Warranty, but it was not possible to help?

I open a new case, but dont get any feedback until today..

I cant say that I am satisfied.


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Re: Defect Laptop and Support wich close my unsolved case

Hi @ralph62 ,

You have reached the wrong company for HP products. 

This community is for customers and friends of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is an independent company.

For HP products, you may have to register and post in the HP Support Forums: or Please visit

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