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Faceless Customer Service

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Faceless Customer Service

I have just purchased a new HP Laptop for Corporate use..The purchase was based on Brand!  On first use it was found that the Laptop had no Wireless Functionality.  This was discovered by our outsource IT provider who was setting up the laptop for Company use. Wireless connectivity is essential for our work - without this problem being resolved it is not feasible to use the laptop.


HP CS were contacted and advised of the situation. Their response was to send a link for wireless driver downloads and promise to call back to assist in resolving the problem. The call back never occurred and despite almost 2 hours in a queue we were unable to  speak with anyone. Why promise something that you can't deliver on ?


As the owner of the business in question my feeling is that I have purchased a new laptop that is not fit for purpose and that, HP is a faceless organization with a large disconnect between what they and their resellers promise and what they can actually deliver. I have been unable to migrate from my old laptop to the new one and I have the additional wasted expense of paying for our IT outsource service provider to come and set-up the new laptop and transfer data which could not be completed. Since my old laptop has some issues I now also find myself operationally compromised.


Frankly I would now like to return the new laptop to the HP reseller and get an alternative brand as a replacement. I don't believe in putting good money after bad and the same goes with service. I am hugely disappointed and will not be shy of advertsing this fact.




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Re: Faceless Customer Service



Thanks for your particpation in HP Forums!


Can you mention your model/product name so that we can try to escalate your issues to the respective support team.



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Re: Faceless Customer Service

Well, look at that!


I am not alone! HP is a bloody disgrace. I have exactly the same complaint as our friend NP Jones above.


VidyaVI, no matter how frequently you weed out, or edit the complaints, it won't fix the problem, which HP itself is. All that your loyalty achieves is that the problem remains, persists and festers like a sore, my friend.


HP SERVICE (a misnomer in itself, if ever there was one) IS A DISGRACE!!!!! IT IS NONEXISTENT, IN FACT!!!