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Faulty product and escaping responsibility

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Faulty product and escaping responsibility

This is an open letter to HP. 

I have been facing a screen flickering issue from 4 months after I purhcased my HPX-14 convertible laptop. Everytime I call up the contact center, they make me disable and update graphics driver and thereafter it works for a week properly.

This loop has been continously going on. I am pursuing my higher education and cannot always reach you on your deisgnated time because the calls of your technical advisor usually takes 30min - 1hour long. 

Recently in August I recorded the matter and informed HP to which you have replied that my product is out of date.

When I ask about onsite check, your advisors say that if issue is resolved then we do not send onsite. How can you undertsand the problem when my screen flickering problem is intermittent and not at certain intervals?

Now you tell me that since it is out of date, I will have to pay for the screen. It is an existing problem which I have been constantly reaching you out for. 

You people have taken this matter to such heights that i wish you people could be banned from doing business in this country, 

Dont you have any responsbility towards your customer and keep speaking me terms of warranty? This is an existing problem which I have been chasing you for. 

This is the last HP product I purchase from you people and I wish everybody else refrains from buying your product.

Horrible service you people have provided

Also, please note I am an ardent fan of Dell and for once I decided to try HP and look the reward you have given me. 

Thank you very much and I wish never to buy ANY of your product.


Case number: 5023511257

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Re: Faulty product and escaping responsibility

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