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Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

Occasional Contributor

Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

I went 6 weeks on vacation and forgot the password to login into my laptop when the grey square shows up.

Is there a way to fix it?
Ron Kinner
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

IF you are talking about the micosoft login then you can try to reinstall Windows in a DIFFERENT folder.

Depending on your OS can also download one of the password cracker programs that you find on the web. Try and and search for "password cracker".

If you are talking about the BIOS password then you have to contact Tech Support. IF you can convince them that it is really your PC they will tell you how to get passed the password.

Tom Mucha_1
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

If you need it that bad, you can buy a program from that resets your password. I'm guessing this is a NT / W2k / or XP machine.
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

You can flash the bios which resets your password. You can do this physically by shutting off the pc, changing the bios jumper from pins 1 and 2 to 2 and 3. then restart. Then shut down and change back again. Note this changes all your bios settings back to default and depending on what they were before this might or (probably won't)might not cause other problems.

There are other ways to flash the bios. Somewhere I have a detailed document explaining ways to get past setup or user passwords. Will have a look...
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Josh Weaver
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

did you figure this out. I bought mine off eBay and the seller sent me the password with it, I had it written down and can not find it now. it has been 6 months. I emailed the seller and he was short and sassy. I have no receipt to prove to compaq
I own it! Did you get any info on how to bypass.. This one has realy turned me off to hp/compaq products. Thinking of strippng it and selling for parts and sticking with my dell or toshiba.

Any Info aprececiated

Thanks Josh
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

"This one has realy turned me off to hp/compaq products." Josh, you shouldn't comment on a brand due to your own mistake, there is no fault of HP-Compaq if you forgot your password or if you haven't got a reciept from ebay seller.

Javier, first let us know about which password you are talking about, is it winodws password, any other O/S password or the security password stored in CMOS? if it's a windows O/S password, go to and download the nt password recovry tool, make a floppy by running it, and boot your system through it.follow the instructions and type * to reset it as a blank password for the concerned user.
for CMOS security password, you have to go to local HP service center to open it up and clear the CMOS ( if you are a techy guy and have hands-on laptops, you yourself can do it).
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

I also have a similar issue, on my n400c I activated BIOS powerup password ,as I am used to both english and french keybords, I probably mixed up entering password now I am unable to get past that bootup password screen :(.

I have taken off the motherboard but can not really locate the CMOS battery and BIOS! Can someone please help me in this matter...

thanks in advance
Occasional Visitor

Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

If its EVO N400C bios password simply

1: remove the front 4 screws from the bottom located at 2 front corners and right next to them

2: Carefully remove the palm rest on the front side (Battery is located on back side)

3: gently pull the battery wires that are going to the motherboard and unplug it all the way (the wires have a plug on the end that fits back in only one way)LET SIT ABOUT TEN MINUTES OR LONGER WITH BATTERY UNPLUGED

4: reconnect battery and reinstall the 4 screws on the bottom connect power and power up you should see a memory scan in progress once this scan is done you should see a prompt to enter bios now F-10
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Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

I have a similar problem. I tried this method, and in fact it did remove the power on password as suggested! :)
When I turned the 600C on however, I heard what sounded like a small siren/phaser from an old video game. It then asked for a Setup Password. I don't even remember entering one of these. Ugh, now I have no idea what to do.

Re: Forgotten Password (laptop Evo N600c)

Try using the command prompt:
Press Win + X to bring up the menu list > select Command Prompt (Admin) > type "net localgroup Administrators Jame / add" in the Admin > Enter key > successfully change the standard user to the new administrator.
This method is suitable for bypassing Windows 10 passwords.