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GR8 HP Support, If this is how you support LAPTOP, how can we recommend HP servers to customers

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GR8 HP Support, If this is how you support LAPTOP, how can we recommend HP servers to customers

CASE #4773689124


ITs been more than 4 days and i dont have any solution for my issue.. I always get new version of commitments, words, support terms, etc from different people. Every time i call, people do ask me for new Screenshots, information, etc and unless until i call, no one even bothers to call. 
History of the issue: Since my laptop got affected with virus all my files including recovery partition is corrupted and I dont want to take a chance with other OS and requested for Recovery media from HP, I was asked to pay 477 INR which i paid and i got the DVDs, but DVDs are not working for my laptop. Below is the call description... 
See how i got different versions everytime i call them, This issue was never escalated to next level.
3rd June' 2016
Day - 1: <first executive> I was told to send screenshots of my computer, Disk management and Error screenshot, I felt they already have the screenshot. your customer executive said, he will call me, i didnt get call, so i called back. 
Day - 1: <second Executive> After sending screenshots, I was kept on hold several times, saying he will speak to supervisor. After 30 to 45 mins, I was told to visit customer care center and i wont be charged for it. I asked this one 3 times and i got the same response, Its free of cost
Day - 1: < customer care center executive> Since your laptop is not under warranty, i cannot check or touch your laptop, To check i need to make a bill of 350 rupees for initial checks and if there is any hardware issues, then you may have to pay. 
Day - 1:< 3rd call center executive> I called and told them about the fees for checking my laptop, He said yes i will have to pay for it, since my laptop is no under warranty. "Since you paid money for this recovery CDs" I will escalate it to my next authorities and you will get some call/solution by next day of by monday 
6th June' 2016
Day - 2 (After 2 days, evening at 7:00 PM):< 4th Executive> Sir, we have checked your ticket and for escalating it to next level, i would request you to send me the BIOS screenshot, when i asked him that it was supposed to be escalated, he said yes sir, but we need this screenshot as well for Serial number. 
<Same call, phone was handed over to Supervisor>: Sir, please send us the screenshot and will escalate it now and you will get response by next working day. Once i sent the mail, HE said it will take so much time to receive mails with attachment in to our ticketing system, it should take around 3 to 4 hours. Once i recieive your screenshot, i will escalate it to next level and will inform you. 
I have send mail and it didnt reach them, No one even took the responsilbility to make call and inform. 
8th June' 2016
Day - 3:<5th Executive> After waiting for more than 48 hours, i called today, your executive said they didnt recieve the BIOS screenshot. After sending that, HE asked me if CDs send have any scratches. This time he asked me to send photo of CDs. Once i send him, he recieved it within 10 mins (Earlier your supervisor said it will take around 3 to 4 hours). He suggested me to update my BIOS and try CDS. Since i had to take some new files backup (some MBs) i told him to stay online over phone, He said you take backup and i will call you after an hour around 9:00 PM. I waited til 9:30 and called back, to my surprise your working hours is only from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. This is how you cheat your customers by giving false statements. 


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Re: GR8 HP Support, If this is how you support LAPTOP, how can we recommend HP servers to customers

Hi Kishore,
Thank you for choosing Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community Forum.  I am sorry to let you know that you have reached the wrong forum. As it is regarding your HP laptop so you'll have to post your question in the HP Consumer Support Forum for someone to assist you.

Here is the link: HP Consumer Forum for Notebooks

Note: Have your Product number handy as experts there will need it to help you further.

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