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HP Customer Service terrible and admits NO support for HP Global Warranty!?

Joony Suh
Occasional Visitor

HP Customer Service terrible and admits NO support for HP Global Warranty!?

I know it is not them to blame but I am sure that it is their job to give "customer support" which I could not get.

After my HP Mini 110 broke within 5 months of my purchase, I contacted HP through the North American contact number since I am residing in Canada.
I had bought this netbook from South Korea and asked the customer support lady about what I could do about warranty coverage now that I am in Canada.
At first she tells me that she talked to her "supervisor" and that she is sorry to inform me that since I bought my netbook from S.Korea my warranty does not apply in Canada. Then I inform her about HP's Global Warranty that has been issues since 1999 August 2nd. After that she is quick to notice that I know about their warranty and tells me that there is no problem and that my netbook can be sent in within Canada. (At this point I'm wondering, what about the other customers who didn't know about the global warranty? Will they be just ignored and shut down? cheated from their guaranteed HP Global Warranty?)

After being told that I could send my laptop in to any of HP's support and service centers near to where I live, the people working at that location (Best Buy @Sherway Etobicoke ON) tells me that they cannot take my laptop because of some billing issues and tells me to call HP and order a shipment box to be sent directly to them.

Then, I call HP customer support again, now this agent tells me that since I bought my laptop from Korea, I cannot use the warranty from Canada. Then I argue on about the point for their Global Warranty which was PREVIOUSLY proven to exists with the previous agent, just to hear her tell me that she will talk to her supervisor and puts me on hold for "a minute" which turned out to be 30 MINUTES! And still after 12 loops of HP's advertisement while on hold, I WAS STILL ON HOLD?!

I hung up and called again. Now another lady named Priyanka, and I tell her about this situation and that I am very frustrated but still trying to get this sorted out with them. Then I hear her say "we do not support Global Warranty" Which I AM SHOCKED to hear something that is guaranteed from HP and could be sued for if what she says is true. She says HP Global Warranty is not supported and that she can only deal with products bought within Canada. She tells me I bought my laptop from North Korea (absurd), and that products from North Korea cannot is not covered under the warranty of North America. I correct her that it is bought from South Korea,then I asked her "why call it a GLOBAL warranty if its not global?" and I beg her to please not put me on hold and have me to speak to this supervisor of hers that is giving out different answers every time?! She says she will and....puts me on hold....for ANOTHER 30 mins.

WHY HP?! WHY???...

My netbook is still broken, I called again this time to speak to a gentleman named Ratish, and tell him the same long story of how I was put on hold and I would DIE to talk to their supervisor. He tells me that I need get in contact with North Korea since I bought my computer there and at this point I start to lose it. First of all, SOUTH Korea, a country where the HP Global Warranty is covered. I also know what the problem with this laptop is, it is a HDD failure, and now he is convinced that I need not contact S.Korea. I beg him to let me talk to the supervisor directly since I've been getting different answers every time. He tells me he is on a phone call and I am put on hold... AGAIN!!!...for this time another 40minutes...and I am tired to even call again so i just left my phone on my desk and am writing this LONG LONG message for someone to hear.

Here is Ratish again, he tells me his supervisor Michael just left for his break. I've been on the phone for an laptop is still broken. I ask him "Does the HP Global Warranty exist?" He hesitates to answer and tells me he can only process products bought from North America and that I should send my product back to S.Korea. I ask him about the GLOBAL part of HP Global Warranty and he tells me at first "It is only a global warranty for software not hardware." which I respectfully disagreed. He tells me then that "When you bought the product you should have purchased the Global Warranty" separately; which again I RESPECTFULLY disagree

HP, here is your own webpage indicating what you PROMISED to your customers.

For the love of all things on this planet, please train your customer support agents to give SUPPORT not LIES and EXCUSES of why HP cannot do what it promised.

-The guy with the, still broken, HP product
Joony Suh
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Customer Service terrible and admits NO support for HP Global Warranty!?

Still broken laptop, still on the phone.
Now with a guy named John...Ratish taught me how to get to speak to their supervisor, michael. I did exactly as he says and John tells me... there are 3 different Michael's who are his supervisors. He puts me on hold to go talk to michael, after promising he will be gone for 2 minutes... 30 minutes have passed...he is back and tells me the michael I'm looking for works on Mumbai.
Then I ask him to please let me speak to his supervisor. He tells me he will go get her and to give me 2 minutes...I told him that I won't be on hold for 30 minutes again, he tell me she is right next to him, 2 feet away. I ask him to then just call her over. He puts me on hold... for another 10 minutes...and my call is dropped.


-The guy who was only told lies and put on hold.
Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Customer Service terrible and admits NO support for HP Global Warranty!?

it's a very sad story {siiigh}.
It's unbelievable!
Never ever had to experience something like that over here in Germany.

Over the years I had numerous support cases and they all were solved to my fullest satisfaction.
In some cases it did not really work out on the first level. I then had the case "escalated" - at times with several higher levels.

This said:
As sad as it is, HP won't hear your call :-( :-(
This is a peer-to-peer forum where volunteers try to help other fellow-users and therefore no channel for reaching HP.

Good luck!

P.S.: The easiest way to prove the warranty situation would be to use the "Warranty Lookup"
and make a sreenshot.