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HP Designjet 800 problems printing and print quality

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HP Designjet 800 problems printing and print quality

I am having a problem getting our HP DesignJet 800  42 plotter up and going.  I have 3 issues currently that keep coming up.  

1.  When printing a test page or test drawing the printing stops at random time and the paper starts spooling continuosly until the unit is unplugged.  Power button will not stop the spooling.

2.  The printer will sound like it stutters and jumps the paper forward the the machine displays a possible paper jam error.  after opening and closing the window there is no paper jam and can repeat the print job with same results.

3.  The ink screen shows that one of the print heads has poor print quality.  I tried to replace all of the print heads but the machine will not accept them.  It instructs me to replace all of the new printheads.  The machine will work with the old heads but not the  new.  I have double and triple checked that the print heads are the correct part number and replacements.

Any help in these matters would be appreciated.  Or if someone could direct me to a repair technician i am willing to hire a professional.  the machine is located in Cameron TX.

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Re: HP Designjet 800 problems printing and print quality

You have reached the wrong company for Printers and PC products. You need to register and post in the HP Inc. Support Forum.
Here's the link:

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