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HP Elite X2 1012 and a few corporate issues with imaging

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HP Elite X2 1012 and a few corporate issues with imaging

We purchased about 100 HP Elite x2 1012 units with Thunderbolt docks.  We're having a couple of small issues.  First - we image our machines and have found that we can't find a spot to change the serial number in the HP software to reflect the actual serial number of the unit.  As a result we are stuck using stickers on the machines themselves and hoping that our electronic inventory doesn't get out of sync.

Is there a way to change the serial number so that it appears correct in the HP Support Assistant software?

Second - when a user leaves and we reimage the machine for a new user we are stuck with the old user's name on the BIOS screen.  There is no obvious way to remove this - even removing the actual account from the machine doesn't do it, there is no obvious BIOS option, and the security software doesn't match what the BIOS is saying.  (The security software shows the two users in Windows, but not the three that are showing up in the BIOS).

Third - there doesn't appear to be a consistent method to have the user logon screen in the preboot environment show up on the external monitor when the unit is connected to the dock.  So, the users have to open the machine up to boot, turn it sideways to use their fingerprint to log in, then turn it back around and close it when safely in Windows.  For some of more clutter challenged users this is a major issue, and seems really quite cheap for such an expensive machine. There must be a way to do this.

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Re: HP Elite X2 1012 and a few corporate issues with imaging

You have reached the wrong company for Printers and PC products. You need to register and post in the HP Inc. Support Forum.
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