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HP India escalation matrix

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HP India escalation matrix

Please let us know the escalation matrix for HP workstation related tickets



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Re: HP India escalation matrix

Hello HP,

This is a open letter to you:
I went to Reliance digital in May, 2014 to buy to TAB with a mind of Apple but when I reached there I saw OMNI 10 TAB and suddenly what happened I changed my mind with a thought that HP is a good brand and I have never used HP and should have try and bought OMNI 10 tab. With in 2 months, tab started creating problems and after so much harassment and efforts you provide me a replacement. But masha-allah what a fraud company you are that replaced tab also started problems and I have submitted it to SVC, Noida Wave City, Sect-16.
Now, tell me one thing, do you take care about your after sales service or just you want to spend on Marketing on your products. I would like to advice you here that you could have signed any big name for your advertisement but did you ever advertise about your worst products and your worst customer experience.
I wish here to urge everybody not to use HP products as they are not upto the mark and even their after sale service is worst than ever. They even don't care about the customer problem.
I had submitted the same to your SVC and I'll not accept the replacement and repair now. What I need is now refund only. If you are unable to do the same then you can keep this with you a christmas gift from my side.
I would like to ask to Deepika Padukone also, did you ever analyze the product. We request you to please don't do ads just for money.
You should be banned from India and definitely I'll go to consumer court and also going to start a twitter #trend against you so that everyone could be aware against your fraud.
If you are little bit serious then do a quick, serious and concrete action else will meet in consumer court.
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Re: HP India escalation matrix

Dear Sir, 

Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please share your contact details at Our team will get back to you shortly and provide required assistance.

Warm Regards,

Reliance Digital