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HP Laptop Hardware failure

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HP Laptop Hardware failure

Hello this is Sri Harsha. I bought a laptop (HP Notebook - 15-r205tu , K8U05PA) in March 2015.

Recently it got an issue with keyboard panel hinges which was getting dislocated.

I took that laptop to Vijayawada HP Care center (CASE:4765901145). They replaced the panel promptly but did the wrong fixation of web cam wires. As a result, it caught fire and burned the lower screen, panel and my knees too.

I called HP again and executive came from Rajahmundry. He said they would replace the parts once they arrive. He said that he bypassed the burnt wires and assured me that i can work with that laptop. Later when i tried to work, it caught fire again.

Later they came and replaced the burnt parts. Within few days, we found that another small part near down panel also got damaged which was not identified earlier. Upon our request, they came and replaced. This time they did the wrong wiring and screen started malfunctioning. It was shading to blue.

Upon our call, they came without raising a ticket and found that one of the wire got stuck and fixed.  While fixing this they messed up with power button.

Later within 2 days, power button stopped working. They came, fixed and convinced us that everything is fine.

Now power button is exhibiting random is working some times and sometimes not. I called HP CARE Rajahmundry. When they came, it worked. So they said no issue.

After these many issues, i lost the confidence on this laptop. Every time they try to fix an issue, due to inefficiency and incompetency of HP Care executives, it raised a new issue every time.

There is nothing to repair. All they do is replacement. If they are so incompetent even to do the replacement, i don’t know how HP is running the business. When i demanded a total new laptop as replacement, they said it would not be possible as they changed many parts. 

Due to the good opinion i had on HP, i controlled myself not posting the burnt photos on social media and filing a suit in consumer court. If i don’t see a reply soon, maybe i need to proceed with sending a registered post about this issue and file a legal suit.

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP Laptop Hardware failure

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: