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HP Laser printer M127fn fax problem.

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HP Laser printer M127fn fax problem.



I am Marc and I am new to this forum. Kindly excuse me of any wrong doing on a prior notice. Thanks!


I bought the HP M127fn 4in1 unit one month ago and I am still not able to use this unit fully.


On my old fax, Panasonic KX-FP342, when the phone rings and I answer, I can make a normal phone call or press the fax signal button to give a fax signal if it is a fax. However, If I do not answer, the panasonic unit picks up the line and gives a fax signal automatically after 5 unanswered ringtones.


With the HP M127FN, I am not able to do this procedure.


For description, I have the HP unit connected to the wall outlet and 2 phones in my house. One of the phones is connected to the HP Printer extension port and the second phone is connected to another separate socket ( to the same phone number ).


When the phone rings for 5 times and I dont answer, the machine picks up the line and gives a fax signal automatically ( which is the normal procedure). But, the problem is when I answer the line. When I pick up the line and the caller asks me to give him a fax signal, I press 1,2,3 ( i tried this using the normal line and the extension line ) but nothing happens on both lines. So i appologize to the caller and ask him/her to call again which is really annoying me since I get around 10 to 15 faxes per day.


I want the unit to answer automatically give a fax signal ( regardless of the caller's type ) after 5 ringtones and I want to answer the phone and be able to give a fax signal by myself if necessary.


Fax answer type = automatic, rings type = all rings, extesion phone line = yes, rings to answer =5.


Please Help!!!!



Dennis Handly
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Re: HP Laser printer M127fn fax problem.

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum:

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Re: HP Laser printer M127fn fax problem.

Sorry and Thank you