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HP LaserJet 200 color MFP M276 not printing PDFs correctly

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HP LaserJet 200 color MFP M276 not printing PDFs correctly

Hi all,


We are using a HP LaserJet 200 color MFP M276 to print our PDF invoices.

Unfortunately the PDFs are not printed correctly if I try to print it over the mention printer. The preview in Acrobat Reader DC is fine, but not everything is printed. More details about the issue:


On the invoice we have a list of the articles sold to a customer. At the bottom we have a footer. There is always some space between the articles list and the footer depending on how many articles are within the list. But if I print the invoice there is no space between the article list and the footer. The preview shows it with the empty space.

I tried to print it with another printer and it worked fine. Only on this printer the problem is occuring. The computer is running Windows 7 and has the latest HP driver installed. I tried removing the driver and reinstalling it without success.


The problem occurs on 4 PCs. The other 2 PCs can print the invoices on the HP printer without any trouble. All PCs are in the same network and domain and have a Windows 7 running. The driver versions are the same and also the connection settings (Network - targeted by IP address) and printer settings are exactly the same. Printprocessor is also the same.


I can not figure out what´s the problem. Does anybody else have an idea?


Thanks in advance and best regards,



P. Sakka


P.S.: If you want to I can print an invoice and upload pictures/screenshots to show you the issue.

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP LaserJet 200 color MFP M276 not printing PDFs correctly

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum:

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Re: HP LaserJet 200 color MFP M276 not printing PDFs correctly



Thanks for your reply.

Sorry that I choose the wrong forum. Anyway, I found a solution that is ok for me.

On the machines that had problems I now installed Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. With Foxit it works fine.


But it is still weired that 2 machines are able to print correctly with Acrobat DC and 4 machines have issues. And on the machines with issues I do not have problems with other printers. Only with the HP printer mentioned in the threads title.


Thanks and best regards. If you have the same problem install Foxit Reader! It is much faster and easier compared to finding a solution for Acrobat DC (Also tried Acrobat XI - same problem).