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HP M601 98.01.01 Error

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HP M601 98.01.01 Error

The error displayed is 98.01.01 turn off and then on the printer, how can I fix it can any body give me a link or solution how to fix this error of my printer your help is highly appreciated.


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: HP M601 98.01.01 Error

> [...] printer [...]

   Wrong forum, wrong company.  For a printer, you want a printer forum
at , not a "General Feedback and Suggestions" forum at .

   Given the number of similar postings here, it's a mystery (to me) why
there's no helpful (and persistent) link here to the forums.

   If you were to put your subject (HP M601 98.01.01) into a Web search
engine, you might find much more useful information than you'll find