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HP OO Studio CLoud content pack for Openstack


HP OO Studio CLoud content pack for Openstack

Hi there, 

i'm using HP OO studio to build a flow using the Cloud content pack. I'm trynig to create server on an Openstack managed infrastructure using the predefined flow in the Content pack.

I want to change the flow variable input to a specific form in Json. It means that i want to change the json variable from a simple variable to an array.

For exemple, when i enter the value for a variable, it seams that it's parsed like :

"variable" : "value", 

But i want to force the networks variable to accept something like that in the REST post request to send to Openstack :

"networks": [
        "uuid": "9f2989d3-c859-4ff5-ae0b-163e4562ea38"

instead of a simple code :

"networks": "9f2989d3-c859-4ff5-ae0b-163e4562ea38"

Can anyone help me please ? 





Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MF OO Studio Cloud content pack for Openstack

This is the wrong company for MF software questions. You need to register in the MF Software Forum: