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HP T410 AIO network dropping on RDP connection

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HP T410 AIO network dropping on RDP connection

I'm having a hard time where to post this as I could not find anywhere specific for thin clients.

I've got about 10 HP T410 AIO thin clients.  These unique machines are able to run a full RDP session, power a monitor, keyboard/mouse all by POE.  Very unique machine.  These compliment our otherwise full Wyse network.

That being said, we only connect to RDP with the thin clients and we've had nothing but problems with the T410's.  The basic and only issue is that it will drop connection every 20-30 seconds...its fully un-usable.

I did some digging and found a document from HP on how i can disable the connection testing that might avoid this, only on my GUI I can not find the settings in the document.  My GUI looks completly different and I don't have the option to turn off the connection drop timeouts as its suggested.

Pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S I can restart the unit with Admin mode...but it asks me for admin cred's where I don't know them...I tried simple Administrator and no luck.  I did a factory reset...still asks me for a password.

Does anyone know how to reset the admin password and or if there is a different default admin password for these machines so I can enter admin mode?


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Re: HP T410 AIO network dropping on RDP connection


This product is part of HP Inc. 

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Hope this helps.


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