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HP4630 Printer drivers

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HP4630 Printer drivers

I have Win-10 OS and tried to install the software for the HP4630 wireless printer.

I can access the printer wirelessly via my apple devices but I can NOT get my PC to load the correct drivers so I can print directly from my PC. I tried to connect the printer via a USB and it found the printer but in my device manager I have a "Splat" that states the drivers cannot load as an "INF" driver was written for Win 95 and is not compatable with this system!

Ive searched for Win10 drivers on the HP support site bit none have worked!

The closest I can get is the printer showing up in devices but the printet is grayed out and showing as "Off-line" so I can not use it!

If I disconnect the USB cable so I can use this wireless printer as advertised, I loose the icon in devices so basically I'm unable to print anything until the corrct drivers get loaded.

This printer worked fine until I got my newest PC since my old died which had Win-10 also.

Any help much appreciated!

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP4630 Printer drivers

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: