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HPRM 8.2 Error message when trying to do word search

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HPRM 8.2 Error message when trying to do word search

I need some assistance with being able to do simple searches in HPRM.  Everytime anyone in the system tries to do a Title word,, notes, or any other type or "indexed word searches" we receive an error that states the following: "The Content portion of this search may not be returning all of the results. A portion of the content index is unavailable."   Then you click OK then receive a blank screen.  Has anyone else come across this?  This has been an ongoing issue for well over a year and no one has done anything about it so I am attempting to see if someone has mastered this already.  I have attempted the Recreate Word Index thinking that might do the trick but that doesnt seem to do anything.  It goes through a long process of going through all of the indexes from the date I specify but to no solution. Is there something that needs to be done at the HP Enterprise level? Please advise, Thanks

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If this is the wrong forum for Records Content Management system formerly known as HPRM aka HPTrim please let me know so I can get this to the correct audience. Thanks


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Re: HPRM 8.2 Error message when trying to do word search

Hi @manningm123,

HPRM is part of a different company, Micro Focus. So you will need to repost your question to the Micro Focus Community at 

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