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How to run a LeanFT cucumber project in ALM

Occasional Contributor

How to run a LeanFT cucumber project in ALM


I am trying to run a LeanFT Cucumber Test in ALM and since that there is no test code in when I run it comes with the following error:

Time: 0,002
There was 1 failure:
1) initializationError(org.junit.runner.manipulation.Filter)
java.lang.Exception: No tests found matching Method 'LeanFtTest(XP.LeanFtTest)' from org.junit.internal.requests.ClassRequest@c0cdad
at org.junit.internal.requests.FilterRequest.getRunner(
at com.hp.singletestrunner.SingleTestRunner.main(

Tests run: 1, Failures: 1


However the test run perfectly in Eclipse. I have tryied everything, I don't want to create a junit test just to adapt my test to run. There is somehow to do this, please someone help me

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: How to run a LeanFT cucumber project in MF ALM

This is the wrong company for MF software questions. You need to register in the MF Software Forum: