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Installing Window 7 on HP 260 G2 DM

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Installing Window 7 on HP 260 G2 DM

I would like to know how I can go about installing windows 7 on my HP 260 G2 DM PC. Currently when I attempt to do the install the computer gets to the language screen, I am unable to use the usb key board or mouse even when using the USB 2.0 ports. 


Does anyone ahve a solution to this. Nothing in the BIOS have helped me up tho this point either. The computer came with FreeDos 2.0 installed on it.



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Re: Installing Window 7 on HP 260 G2 DM

Hi Eric,

You have reached the wrong Company Forum. As it is regarding a HP Laptop so you'll have to post your question in the HP Consumer Support Forum.

Here is the link: HP Notebook Support Forum

Note: Have your Product number handy as experts there will need it to help you further.

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