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Issues in reviving an old laptop - DV7-3063cl

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Issues in reviving an old laptop - DV7-3063cl

I have recently restored an HP DV7 3063cl laptop that had died from an overheated motherboard (MB). I replaced the MB with a new board from HP when the price was reduced to about $100, upgraded the CPU with an advertised as new AMD 640M, and applied Arctic Silver on both the CPU and Graphics chips. I put in 4 G of fresh memory, got the computer to operate, and installed Windows 10.

However, I have several problems:

  1. The BIOS cannot locate the serial number of the motherboard during the boot process and sends a message to that effect. I hit the Enter key the boot continues.

    I have tried to access the BIOS to try possible solutions I found on line. One HP help forum had a BIOS editing software tool from Compaq from the year 2000 but said that it only would on desktops and the HP staff would have to provide a revised BIOS for my laptop.

2. I get two more error messages that

 * PXE -E61: Media test failure, check cable

 * PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

I have not seen any fixes for this issue but it only delays the booting process shortly before it continues.

Eventually the computer launches Windows but there are other issues.

3. The computer seems to run very hot, and has shutdown twice from overheating over a 2 week period when there was not much computing in progress, the fan runs at top speed continuously and the laptop was elevated to allow good airflow underneath. According to the Open Hardware Monitor program, the CPU had reached 97 - 99 C a few times. I bought a gamer's cooling stand today and that appears to help a lot, dropping the temperature by around 20 C. What is the maximum safe operating temperature of the DV7 with the 640 M CPU upgrade?

4. There is no sound through either of the headphone jacks. When I insert the plug into the jack, the sound from the speakers does stop. I have done the following several times without success:

* uninstalled and re-installed the sound device in Device Manager

* run the windows troubleshooter

* verified that I have the latest driver

* inserted different earphone plugs into the jacks

* made the headphones the default sound device

Any more suggestions, other than replacing the headphone jacks assembly?


Dennis Handly
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Re: Issues in reviving an old laptop - DV7-3063cl

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: