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Laptop Not charging

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Laptop Not charging

Frustrated with HP Service and Product: 5020556085 / WO-004823514

I bought HP Notebook - 15g-br003tu in Aug 2018. In a months time the product stopped charging. Tried to contact support team. Following is the frustrating experience that i had to go through:

1. Diagnosis 1 :  By taking the product on Remote access:

- The genius service guy after running tests on my laptop , daignosied that the issue is Power socket. So placed the order for the Power socket. 

- The service guy came replaced the socket, but the problem still persisted. 

2. Diagnosis 2 : By the service guy himself

Service guy opened the back panel of the laptop. Tried turning ON the laptop by removing the battery. 

- Laptop never turned ON . He put the battery back ON and then checked for power at couple places on mother board and found the power was coming to mother board.

- Then he concluded that , mother board was faulty. 

- He ordered the mother board and dissapeared and its 3 days now , NO NEWS FROM HIM.

- If i call HP phone support, they are clueless of the status. My laptop is unusable for 3 days now.

Its real sorry state for a brand as reputed as HP.

Its seems HP would soon vanish with such product quality and service teams in place. 


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Re: Laptop Not charging

Hi @manapragadaravi,
You have reached the wrong company for Printers and PC products. You need to register and post in the HP Inc. Support Forum.
Here's the link:

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