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My Bleeping Z800 server chassis


My Bleeping Z800 server chassis

AFSIK, this z800 chassis is possessed.  I might have missed something during my troubleshooting process but what? Our company uses Z800's for editing video and I have fixed many of them.

The problem with this chassis is: The fans start running as soon as I plug in the power cord. I changed the motherboard, the PSU and the 2N3903 ambient sensor in the wiring harness.  The fans still run, forever...

This Z800 stopped working, during the evening of a electrical storm. It was on a surge protector and nothing else in our network had any problems.

A surge may have come in through our HDMI network, through the monitor common ground, but no other devices were affected.

I have more time spent working on this unit then it's worth but now it's my personal pride keeping me going.

I would have thought, pressing the CMOS reset, on both motherboards I have tried, would have canceled all knowledge the unit has, about the last failed startup. Everything is disconnected from the motherboard except the fans. I even disconnected the Start button connector! It still starts the fans.

I've tried a 10 second reset on the PSW. Did not help.  I get 3 beeps after I pull the AC plug but I've changed the CPU in this replacement motherboard.  What else could it be? H.E.L.P. please

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Re: My Bleeping Z800 server chassis

HP Z800 Workstation is a product of Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HPI), which is a separate company. For information and support on HPI products, please see or the HP Support Forums,


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