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New Safe Computer Design and suggestions for HP

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New Safe Computer Design and suggestions for HP

New Safe Computer Design


By Master Daohai


This New Safe Computer improve today's PCs both externally and internally, which can make computer more safe, clean, and efficiency by very low cost(about USD1).

The image below is this new computer's external design:



This round lock is suitable for desktop computers, installed on front side of the case, above the press-button switch. For thin laptops or tablets lock should be installed on the side, near press-button switch, can design to not use rotation mode but straight move mode to set the lock state.


When newly leave factory, the state of the lock should be set on "Unprotected mode". So if the user never use the lock after buy this new computer, it is completely same with today's computer. But if a user can use this computer's new features, he can keep his computer safe, clean and efficient easily. It is estimated that this can increase the computer's actual performance value by at least 10%, if the operating system company produced new operating system version that take full advantage of this new hardware features of the hard disk read and write protect, performance value increase is 20-30%.


*How to use this New Safe Computer to keep computer clean, safe and efficient:

1, Set the Harddisk partitions' sizes and Read/Write permissions on "Advanced Computer Setting" (This can be done by computer dealer for customer, and then the dealer give the customer next 4 terms)

*The recommended Harddisk partitions' sizes and Read/Write permissions Settings are:


Drive C: install operating system and important commonly used software (such as company's working software, and IE browser software, Microsoft Word or other Word processing software, etc.), and related working files, Read/Write;

Drive D: less important applications, such as QQ or other instant messaging software, Photoshop and other images, music, video software, and various kinds of game software, etc.), and related working files, Read/Write;

Drive E: dedicated to backup C: and hard disk boot sector of the disk. It's size must set to be C:'s sector number + 1 sector (that is, the hard disk boot sector). Always set to Read-only. Only when the user set the lock to "Advanced Computer Setting" by a key, the user can perform  backup/restore operation. Of course there may be backup/restore programprovided by the operating system or a third party application software later, but in consideration of the virus can damage the operating system or all kinds of application software, provide this small backup/restore program in motherboard ROM is necessary.

When newly leave factory, Disk E: is Read/Write on "Unprotected mode", in order to remain compatible with existing computer. User can set Disk E to Read-only on "Unprotected mode", so that he can backup his files to F: at any time, and still keep E: Read-only and immune to virus, Trojan and hackers.

Drive F: dedicated to backup or save files that often modify, set to Read-only on "Run in protected mode", Read/Write on "Unprotected mode", allow user to backup files immediately when he want.

Drive G: dedicated to backup or save files that user want to keep secret, avoid to be access by hackers or some online application softwares from Internet, or any files that don't want to be read by colleagues, kids, families. No Read/Write on "Run in protected mode", Read/Write on "Unprotected mode", and the user can modify it if necessary.


2, Run the computer under "Run in protected mode" at ordinary times;

3, When it is necessary to backup files (such as today's new working files, or newly acquired important documents, etc.), switch the lock to the "Unprotected mode", backup files to F: or G:, and then switch back (switch the lock between "Run in protected mode" and "Unprotected mode" does not cause computer restart);

4, Every a month or two, or three or five months, or just upgrade the operating system, feel the computer's condition is very good, come into the "Advanced Computer Setting" and backup system (Copy C: and hard disk boot sector to E:);

5, If the computer is infected by virus, or become inefficient by a lot of softwares though not called virus but still consume system resources, come into the "Advanced Computer Setting" and restore system (Copy E: to C: and hard disk boot sector)


This is New Safe Computer design that comprehensively consider of both safety, efficiency, and easy to use.


*The market demand this new safe computer meet:

1, Allows the user to set the computer hard disk partitions to Read-only or No Read/Write easily by manually connect/unconnect hardware circuit, provide all computers that connect into Internet security safeguard all softwares can't provide.

2, For enterprises, their employees' working computers are suitable to upgrade to this New Safe Computer. Because today's office computers are almost all connect into Internet, once infected with the virus, or destroyed by hackers, even if it's just lost half a day's work, the price is much higher than the additional money buy this New Safe Computer. Second, all kinds of enterprises, no matter it is big or medium or small, may have some important files (such as important business plans, project bid plans, new production's design drawings, important customers list, etc.) do not want to be access by others, my manually hardware circuit connect/disconnect of protection is all software protection cannot reach. For the government, army and other organizations the situation is similar.

According to statistics, computer virus, Trojan and hackers cause enterprises and institutions losses over billions of US dollars, my new safe computer can reduce this loss greatly, so I estimates that once computer company produce this computer they can get big orders from government agencies and large enterprises soon.

3, For individual user, he can keep the computer clean and efficiency for a long time easily, he can surf on Internet without any worry about his privacy files stored in his No R/W hard disk partition be stolen by hackers, Trojan or some application softwares that tranfer local computer's informations to Internet, he can lock the computer when out home, without any worry about his computer being use by others.


*The advantage of provide users of hardware protection of boot computer:

Today's personal computers use software to control a computer's usage: set the motherboard BIOS password or operating system user/password, from a hardware point of view, there is no different between computer's owner and any other persons. But if we do a little investigation and we will find: now most of the user's personal computer is go directly into the operating system's desktop after boot. It's not because the users do not need to protect their computer from unauthorized access, but these two kinds of pure software password protection way is not simple and efficient, so that most people are reluctant to use.

When computer is newly invented, it is used by professionals, but now almost everyone is using computer. The username/password system is a way for professionals, for the vast majority of people lock/key is still the most convenient and practical, everyone can use a key but not everyone can use username/password system. For enterprises or institutions this new computer can help them better manage their working computer: boss a key, user a key employee, system administrator a key, avoid unauthorized computer use easily; For family, this new computer can help parents arrange their children's time of using the computer, avoid children addicted too much into the computer or harm by Internet adverse information such as pornographic, violence, criminal...


*Additional hardware cost of this New Safe Computer:

About RMB5 if mass produced in China mainland.

This New Safe Computer changes computer shell and motherboard. But as to motherboard, the additional cost is just change the circuit design, adjust the production line, and "Advanced Computer Setting" program design, these are all one-time investment, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, but can produce millions of motherboards, so the additional cost of the new motherboard is very small.

Main additional cost is to add a Multi-state lock on the computer shell, and 3 keys. I buy a small padlock in a retail store in China is RMB 2. So I estimate the additional cost of this New Safe Computer will not exceed RMB5 in China mainland.

If produce outside China mainland the additional cost may be higher. But manufacturers can buy lock cylinders from China, and then assemble outside China, this may lower the cost and keep the additional cost less than USD1.


*The additional price this New Safe Computer can sell:

I think USD10 is worth, especially for enterprises and institutions, as to home users, USD10 is still worth.

But since there is no Intellectual property rights fee is required outside China, the additional cost of this New Safe Computer is just hardware produce cost, about USD1, the retail price increase USD3-5 is appropriate.


* Patent status

This New Safe Computer contain 2 China patents about computer motherboard and shell. The motherboard patent No. is: 2012200646161; the computer shell patent No. is 2011205590416, these 2 patents are all announced, can be searched in China Patent Office web site by patent Numbers or names.


These 2 patents are global innovation: none of today's billions of PCs can allow user to lock it by a key, and no one can set computer's hard disk partitions' Read/Write permissions by manually connect/unconnect hardware circuit, this means I can apply for US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other overseas countries' patents when I applying for China patent. But I consider to apply for foreign patent is inconvenient, and I estimate just these 2 China patents is worth billions of RMB, which is enough for me, I don't want to spend too much time on this issue, my interests is practice buddhism.

Now I can't apply for foreign countries' patent because the time period is exceed(within one year after I apply for my China patent) , others can't apply for, of course, this means all companies can produce and sell it outside China mainland freely. If the computer motherboard or shell is produced or sold in China mainland, patent authorization is necessary.


·To computer manufacture companies:

Please feel FREE to produce and sell this New Safe Computer outside China mainland.  Just don't forget to get my patent licence before produce or sell it in China mainland.

More detail introduction about this New Safe Computer design:、

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*Several concerns about motherboard "Advanced Computer Setting" program design(for computer manufacture companies)

1, Motherboard "Advanced Computer Setting" programs can be said to be the original mainboard BIOS program's expansion version, in addition to the original mainboard BIOS program, add functions of set hard disk partitions' sizes and Read/Write permissions on "Run in protected mode" and "Unprotected mode" , and Backup/Restore function.

2, When the user turn the lock to "Advanced Computer Setting", the motherboard restart the computer, "Advanced Computer Setting" program in motherboard take control of the computer, will never enter the operating system unless the user turn the lock to other state; This is to make sure only when this "Advanced Computer Setting" hardware circuit is connected, the motherboard CMOS can be rewrite, the hard disk boot sector can be changed, the rest of the time motherboard CMOS, hard disk boot sector are kept read-only.

3, The hard disk partitions' Read/Write permissions table on "Run in protected mode" and "Unprotected mode" is stored in CMOS, one partition 2 bits, 4 CMOS bytes can saved 8 partitions Read/Write permissions table under two kinds of states.

4, The program should be designed to be small enough so that the current main board ROM can store.

5, The "backup/restore"(hard disk partition copy) program can allow the user to decide whether he want to shutdown computer after the backup/restore is completed , this make it convenient for the user to backup/restore at the end of today's work, or before sleep, and then he can leave or go to bed, save user's time.