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Noisy fan on my touchsmart desktop BN951AV-ABA

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Noisy fan on my touchsmart desktop BN951AV-ABA

I have a noisy fan on my  touchsmart desktop BN951AV-ABA 600-1255qd.

Right now the noise is relatively low, but at times it get louder and louder.


I checked the forums and hp answers for suggestions: BIOS/ GRAPHICS CARD


I wanted to update the bios, but did not see that option and understand

that that means that there is probably no available bios update.


My BIOS is ver is 5.01, 12/17/2009

MY SMBios version is 2.6


Hardware Abstraction Layer ? = 6.1.7601.17514


Maybe the graphics card ? But that too does not show up as an available option.

Also I dont know which graphics card it is.


I vacuumed the grills but that did not help.



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Re: HP Expert Day – January 14th, 2015

It seems that when I watch a video, like on you tube the noise increases considerably.

Does that suggest that I should upgrade the graphics card driver?


If so, what garphics card do I have? I saw reviews of my 600-1255 that sai Nvidia Geforce GT 230. How can I confirm that?

I tried to check system devices but was unable to find any graphic card listed. And if it is the Nvidia, where can I get the upgrade?


It's getting late here on the East Coast, so if anyone has an answer please reply and I'll check for replies in the AM.

Dennis Handly
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Re: Noisy fan on my touchsmart desktop BN951AV-ABA