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Pathetic product and customer service

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Pathetic product and customer service

I write this mail in great pain and never expected this kind of response from a renowned company like HP.

I purchased the laptop for my son from SEOUL, Korea as a gift on 3rd Sep 2017 and he opened it only on 22nd Sept 2017 to see the faulty display, what a disgrace and shame on the product and the brand itself. It is supposed to be the latest model and cost me a bomb. If it was a low end model still not justified though.

Like any other international brand I expected HP to cover worldwide exchange and warranty policy. To top it all HP has a worldwide warranty database (what an irony). I want to understand if HP makes country specific laptops? If it is compatibility issues I can understand otherwise why this discrimination.

After calling customer care several times and waiting for hours, a complaint was registered on 25th Sep 2017 and after exchange of some 30 + emails and hours of conversation. The reply I get after 20+ days is "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Against this reported concern which escalated in HP management, we came to know the unit you have purchased is not marketed in India and required part (display panel) is not available here as well. We request you contact with parental or purchase country to get the required support or unit level replacement based on possibilities which you are looking for, same cannot be possible in India”.

How can HP make such crap products and silly statements?

Is it my problem if it is not marketed in India. Then why do you maintain a database and claim it as worldwide warranty. Road side vendors are much better at least they don’t publicize wrong information like HP does.

First of all HP manufactures such scrap products and has the audacity to reply to a customer like this.

​It in not just inconvenience, what am I to do with the faulty product? As a company you cannot do it, as an individual how do you expect me to? What a joke I hope HP know what their team are writing.

I expected a more responsible reply from a so called renowned company like HP or else escalate it to your higher ups and nominate a person who will take the scrap notebook as a gift for Diwali so that I can take some pics and put it up on social media for you wonderful creation and customer service.

I am sure I don't want a pathetic product as HP. I can't keep writing mails and wait indefinitely for a call back from HP. I want a refund at the earliest. I need to buy a more reliable laptop there are so many that I can close my eyes and trust on. That is the brand value and customer support they maintain unlike HP. In fact HP should pay additionally for my valuable man hours spent and emotional agony.

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Re: Pathetic product and customer service

You posted your experience to the wrong Company: this is the HPE Community forum, not HP.

HPE products (for Enterprieses) are not HP products.

Eventually re-post on (Support) to look for any help.