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Performance Center

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Performance Center

Hi All,

I am running a script in PC with 3 users. But, I am facing an issue.

My Login part is in Vuser_Init, then action part where data is generating, and logout part is in vuser_end. 

After successful run, data  created only by first user, the other 2 user are not creating any data.

But, If my whole script is in action only then, data is created by all 3 users.

Kindly help me, if I am missing any settings, when I am keeping my login in vuser_init.

I am not getting any idea why users are not creating data when the login part is in vuser_init.

Thanks & Regards


Infosys Ltd.


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MF Performance Center

This is the wrong company for MF software questions. You need to register in the MF Software Forum: