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Poor Support From HP for HP Laptop. Issue pending from Dec 2018. Case Number 5026436003

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Poor Support From HP for HP Laptop. Issue pending from Dec 2018. Case Number 5026436003

Hello HP,

This is a open letter to you:  Currnet Case Number 5026436003

I have purchased the HP laptop with following details

Product Description: HP Notebook - 14-bs730tu

Product Number: 4HR07PA

Serial Number: 

Case Subject: IN/ons/ncd/NSR/SRP/HP Laptop 14-bs730TU ALL/*Software Issues/Performance Issue/System Freezes While Using

But after three months the started creating problems and after so much harassment and efforts you provide me a replacement. I have submitted the laptop to HP Service Centre Rajouri Garden under Case number: 5024886315.

I am Highly unsatisfied with the HP Product and the way HP behave. I have cooperated a lot with HP but now HP try to stick the Faulty device with ME. One case is closed without my confirmation to Hide their failure “Case Number 5024886315 has Been Created CRM:0013469008774”.

As HP repeatedly saying there is not any issue in laptop. Laptop is fine as per specs. But laptop is not performing properly. In spite of giving solution HP just doing time pass which Hamper a lot of My Work.

Now, tell me one thing, do you take care about your after sales service or just you want to spend on Marketing on your products. I would like to advice you here that you could have signed any big name for your advertisement, but did you ever advertise about your worst products and your worst customer experience.

I wish here to urge everybody not to use HP products as they are not up to the mark and even their after sale service is worse than ever. They even don't care about the customer problem.

I had submitted the same to your SVC and I'll not accept the replacement and repair now. What I need is now refund only. If you are unable to do the same, then you can send this with your CEO a gift from my side and Acknowledge me. 

You should be banned from India and definitely I'll go to consumer court.

Mr. Amit (, ) and Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Partner Account Manager – North ( are neither supporting and not picking the phone.

As already told, you that this unit has disturbed me a lot during my six months uses. and HP says it’s the normal behaviour of the laptop. HP support has wasted my two months and Torture Mentally to me.

It is very hard time for me to survive without laptop. In Private Job it is not easy to survive.

Now i have no trust on the this laptop unit and HP Support and service.

If you are little bit serious then do a quick, serious and concrete action else will meet in consumer court.


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Re: Poor Support From HP for HP Laptop. Issue pending from Dec 2018. Case Number 5026436003

Hi @Sonuv  ,

You have reached the wrong company for HP products. 

This community is for customers and friends of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is an independent company.

For HP products, please see or you may have to register and post in the HP Support Forums:

Sorry for the inconvenience


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