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Request for Solution for PC (Z600)

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Request for Solution for PC (Z600)

            I kindly request for an solution and quotation for the system where we already installed Milestone Server and four Client System with PC (4GB Ram, 1Gb graphics card), for each client for FOUR CCTV 4k Camera, four monitor with 4 pc, intel i7 processor. Now, we found that the system is not compatible for surveillance those 4k resolution as we tested using an Gaming Laptop which has 16GB RAM, 8GB Grpahics Card where the quality of 4K CCTV Camera is 80% giving what we expected by the client.


            We gave an suggestion for Using Z600 Work station for each monitor, so now I need specs supporting for that client like RAM, Graphics Card, 4k Cards (If need), Processor, Joystick, etc, where we are ready to purchase that PC Immediately. For further clarification, kindly don’t hesitate to call us. Looking forward on your valuable support on this.


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Re: Request for Solution for PC (Z600)


You have reached the wrong company for HP products. 

For HP products, you may have to register and post in the HP Support Forums: or Please visit

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