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Save BIOS Settings to a File

Occasional Contributor

Save BIOS Settings to a File


 I am looking for a utility like: BiosConfigUtility that runs under Linux, to save BIOS setting on HP Desktop machine to a file and then restore the file in different desktop with the same hardware. cannot use any utility using UEFI.

I have found a few, but all works under Windows or DOS .... Not able to find a Linux version.

Thank you for your help.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Save BIOS Settings to a File

There are Linux tools to save that information for server, but I'm not aware of any for desktops. You might ask over on the HP Inc forums as all the dekstop forums moved there when the companies seperated.

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Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Save BIOS Settings to a File

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: