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So disappointed in HP support

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So disappointed in HP support

I am a web designer and computer technician.  I have used and recommended HP products for years.  My only complaint has always been that they do not use english-speaking people for their telephone support.  It is frustrating trying to communicate with someone on the phone when I do not understand half of what they are saying and they don't understand half of what I am saying.  The solution for me was easy.  I used HP's "online chat" feature to resolve any issues I had over the years.  Communication was much clearer in this setting.  Never was I asked to repeat myself.

Now I have a defective HP SimpleSave 1.0TB external hard drive.  It was purchased about 11 months ago.  It has barely been used.  It has never been dropped or treated roughly.  It has never been exposed to magnetic fields, extreme temperatures or humidity.

HP has discontinued their online chat.  I found a link to it "for businesses" but could not access it (model number/serial number not accepted).  This is the biggest mistake they could make.  I just spent 20 minutes on the phone repeating myself to a non-english fellow only to find out that support for my HP MD1000H is not handled at the phone number listed on HP's website when I looked up support for that specific product.

First, if HP is going to divide their tech support, why not give out the proper phone number on that product's support page?

Even worse, the "technician" I spoke to on the phone gave me the "proper" phone number to call and when I tried to call it I got the "the number you have dialed is no longer in service" recording.

At this point I'm thinking I may never purchase another HP or Compaq product.  I have spent thousands of dollars both at home and for my business, and many people rely on me for computer advice and repairs.  Unless HP is hoping the world will end in 2012, they really should consider improving their tech support or their company could end even if the world keeps on ticking.


If anyone cares, the HP SimpleSave 1.0TB external hard drive is definitely bad.  I have tested it on three separate computers using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and even tried diagnostic tests in DOS.  Most diagnostic tests either freeze up or report read/write or missing media errors, including Western Digital DLG diagnostic tools.  HDTune scan froze up after reporting 3 of the first 4 blocks were bad.  I have tried three different data recovery programs trying to recover my family photos from this drive.  I was only able to recover three of my photos.


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HP SUPPORT I USED TO LOVE???  I can't even find out if this drive is under warranty.  HP website will not accept the p/n and s/n from this product!!!