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Webinspect Cookies

Occasional Contributor

Webinspect Cookies

Since I can't post to the Webinspect forum (thanks HP) I have to post this here. The site I need to scan requires cookies enabled. I have them enabled in both my laptops IE and Firefox settings. I can get to the site just fine when using those browsers alone. When going to the guided scan in WebInspect, it will not allow me to profile the page because cookies are not enabled. I went to the Nightly browser and tried to set the cookies there, but it just defaults back. Please tell me how to enable cookies for WebInspect. 

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Re: Webinspect Cookies

Hello kathyT19,

Sorry for the inconvenience - we were migrating all of the Software content to its own instance. This is now complete and the new Software community is now live. Please post your question to the Webinspect forum: