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Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced!!!!

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Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced!!!!

I work at a school which uses mostly HP Printers for production work.  We had a Laserjet 3035 MFP which finally bit the dust after many years of service.  My boss replaced that unit with a Laserjet 500 MFP M525 which was ordered through Amazon. When the unit arrived the fuser unit was defective, HP Support instructed our printer maintenance company to NOT repair it, but to box it up and send it back.


The RMA was issued and a second unit arrived.  This unit had a document feeder issue.  I called for support for the printer.  First person asked where we had purchased the unit and was it plugged directly into the wall.  Having been a tech for ther last 20 years, and have serviced numerous printers I asked for another tech.  HP Tech 2 instructs me to box it up and send it back.  This tech named Marcello, did not ask for error messages, just was unwilling to help because the unit was NOT purchased from HP Direct. I pointed out to Marcello it was an HP product, that we have probably 30 of these type of units in production at the school and it is not acceptable for the tech to not provide customer service nor should it matter from whom the unit is purchased.  Hewlett Packard warranties the equipment, and it does NOT matter who the reseller is, the reseller is not responsible for poorly manufactured equipment that is not tested and vetted at the factory. Marcello hung up on me!


I want HP to know that Enterprise units should mostly always work out of the box (in our case this was NOT a damage issue, but a production issue for which HP should have some control.)  We may be a world economy but trusting your support to a Call Center in Costa Rica and again not vetting the levels and quality of service at that location is very sad indeed.


Prior to installing these units onto our network and having them ready to go, that is to scan to email, scan to folders, network configuration, unpackaging and so forth is not an inconsequential time investment on the part of your customer.  Nor is passing the buck to the reseller for product manufacturing issues that should have beed discovered at the factory, not once it has arrived at the customers location!


Third call and a technician actually engages and attempts to help. The document feeder issue for which two HP Call Center technicians wanted me to box up and return the unit, turns out to be a roller in the document feeder not being fully clicked in to place.  Problem solved by three hours on the phone, a missed UPS pickup, overtime for the phone call and ultimate fix from the third technician who did her job correctly.


I taught Customer Service along with A+ course work at a small college.  I am SHOCKED that HP allows this type of poor customer service to its Enterprise clients.  This goes beyond simple "training" issues and points to the poorest of controls over both the support and manufacturing processes that made this company what it is today.  


We willing be looking for other vendors and other products the next time we look for replacemnts or new equipment!

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced!

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: