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Zbook 15 g3 freezes or hangs after sleep mode

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Zbook 15 g3 freezes or hangs after sleep mode

When my zbook 15 g3 gets into sleep mode, for example, leave my seat for a while or close the laptop and move somewhere

And when I turn on the laptop from sleep mode, I can see the screen works fine, but it will freeze immediately.

I can move my mouse pointer, but any program (Internet browser, windows explorer, etc) won't work at all.

This can only be resolved with rebooting the labtop.

Sometimes, even after restarting, I will be able to log in normally, but the system freezes again after reaching the desktop.

It seems this symptom is widely issued on the internet, but I couldn't find any solution except installing different drivers or something. (I already tried them all and none of them resolved the problem)

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

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Re: Zbook 15 g3 freezes or hangs after sleep mode

The ZBook 15 G3 is a product of Hewlett-Packard Inc. This community is for customers and friends of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which is an independent company. For HP products, please see or the HP Support Forums.


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