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laasejet scanner error 6

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laasejet scanner error 6

Hi am recieving scsnner error 6 and i have shut douv many timed but noting the problem remains

pls, help.

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Re: laasejet scanner error 6

hi ajayi1

You're really in a forum for HPE switches and routers that use comware OS.

I think you might need another forum - maybe the printer forum at HP, section laserprinters?



Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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Re: laasejet scanner error 6

This is definitely the wrong community forum to post your HP LaserJet issues.

This Community is for HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterpise) products and solutions NOT for HP (Hewlett Packard Inc.) ones.

The HP company splitted into two separate entities: HPE and HP, read about it here.

Said so, try in the HP Community (here) where there are plenty of Posts related (or similar) to the issue you reported with your LaserJet Scanner (as example, here).