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object required error

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object required error

While i am trying to use QCUTIL properties, from uft12.02 For below code

dim CurrentRun 

'in below line i am getting the option that i can select after QCUTIL.
set CurrentRun = QCUtil.CurrentRun

'but after creating object CurrentRun , i am not able to get the seired options inbelow line
Set CurrentRun=CurrentRun.N

I am not getting why i am not getting all methode and proerties that i can use.


While executing below code sometime its executing successfully and some time its not able to run and thriowing object required error

set CurrentRun = QCUtil.CurrentRun 
Reporter.ReportEvent 2,"Current Run", CurrentRun.Name 
Reporter.ReportEvent 2,"Current Run", CurrentRun.ResultLocation

set CurrentRun=Nothing

Why sometime code is getting passed and sometime not



Dennis Handly
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Re: MF UTF object required error