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support failure form HP authorized dealers

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support failure form HP authorized dealers

I have invested  on a series of 6200 & 6300 microtowers and 6000 pro desk machines all are core i7s.


It was shocking to learn that none of these machine can work with the high end VGA cards. I am a high user of graphic aided programes. I have learnt this the hard way when I discovered motherboard faliurs & power supply breakdowns  due to the overload of power drawn my the VGA. This whole exercise has costed me  a graet deal of money & time. 


There was no help from the HP dealers to identify the problem, nor did they tell me that the purchased VGA cannot support the in built power supply which also could not be changed to a higher capacity. Due to the lack of knowledge by dealers it was I who had to pin point the issue which records as a bad name for the HP company.


I am very dissapointed in the services rendered by many dealers because I see most technitians are playing a trial & error game, where the customer sufers at the end.


I strongly suggest that HP needs to set standars & proper training to authorized dealers, its not just about selling more products but rather giving due care to customers


I would also need a solution for my computers which some are still under warranty.



Dennis Handly
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Re: support failure form HP authorized dealers

This is the wrong company for printers and PC products. You need to register in the HP Inc. Support Forum: