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Account Migrated but needed new "Screen / Display Name"

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Account Migrated but needed new "Screen / Display Name"

Followed the migration process but when it asked me for my Display/Screen Name -- it complained it was already in use. So I used my current "zinky" -- is there a way to revert to my old screen name of "Alzhy"?


Also -- what about Favorites - did it get migrated too?


Please Help!


Also, it seems the Web Interface is tons slower compared to the old ITRC Forums.... or is it just my circa 2004 PC that's already underpowered?


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Re: Account Migrated but needed new "Screen / Display Name"

Zinky - I sent you a private message (click the envelope in the top right corner of the screen) regarding your two profiles.

Favorites/subscriptions were not migrated to the new community - but you can set up new ones with the "Board Options" and "Topic Options" pull-down menus (next to the Reply/New Message button at the top of the page) from the appropriate locations.
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